Character – Kaede –

It was my birth mother whom gave me the name Kaede, but she wasn’t the one to raise me. Both of my parents were killed in the war long ago before I could even stand up.

The Elves of East Doireann raised me and taught me to survive. As a female, the Elves of Doireann do not treat us any different to a male. We are able to enlist, fight and lead. I take great pride in my heritage and culture as I hear females in other cultures do not fare so well.

I do feel like I stand out from them all though, for I have jet black hair and they have fair and bright. My style has always differed from their own too but I love my faux- hawk as it contrasts well with my deep blue eyes and pale skin. I am very outgoing, probably a little too much. I say things how I see them. I have a strong passion for telling tales especially to the young in our settlement. I despise Orc’s and avoid interaction with Man and Dwarf while out on assignment.

Assignment you ask? Well I am an emissary for the Elves of Doireann. A warrior Emissary if you have ever heard of one. I can be diplomatic with a weapon as well as words.

The Elves taught and drilled me with the ways of the bow. Though I excelled at it, I did not enjoy it. So I learnt the way of the spear alone as I prefer to be up close when I skewer an Orc.

For seven hundred years I have breathed the fresh Doireann air, hidden away from the corrupted lands of Man and Dwarf. I have grew up in this forest, I have defended this forest and I have watched loved ones die for this forest.

I had the nightmare again last night, the wine doesn’t numb the dreams any more. I watched again as my love is cleaved in two by the Orc General Lazschnik. As usual in the dream and much like the reality. I could not move to save him. Even after two hundred years, the wound is still deep. The scar from the blade that cut me from my forehead to my left cheekbone is the only trophy I have today to remind me of my failure.

Yet I am still here, I guard my home when not on assignment. My skills only improve day in and day out. No one here can best me with a spear, I can deflect an arrow by only listening for the wisps of air that is cut by the arrow.


Maybe one day ill be fit to love another, but for now my house has only room for one.


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