Character – Alec

In the lords bible there are seven Archangels. They are all very powerful, commanding heavens forces and keeping Lucifer and his demon army at bay. They were loyal, good-natured and carried out gods will to the letter.

This is exactly why Alec is not in the Bible.

Alec is effectively the eighth Archangel of gods creation. Problem is, god made a mistake. His loyalty was replaced with an attitude during his creation

Standing at seven feet tall, Alec has spent the last ten thousand years in solitude in a realm outside that of humanity and his brethren.

He is ageless, his features are the same as they were on the day of his creation. Silver, shoulder length, wavy hair. His eyes are said to be filled with continuous lightning strikes, giving him the illusion of having no pupils. His true eye colour remains a mystery, only God knows.

Alec’s halo is pure gold and shaped like a laurel wreath. His wingspan stretches to an incredible ten feet each side of him with a majestic white plumage of feathers.

When he flies each beat of his wings sounds like a thunderclap echoing in the mountains and his speed can out fly the shadow that takes the land when the sun sets.

His attire consists of a white robe with gold and red stitching. Alec wears no shoes nor sandals. Instead he shows off the pale white skin of his feet.

His perfection is short lived as with the mistake of giving him an attitude. God witnessed the first taste of selfishness, as Alec refused to defend against Lucifer and protect Humanity. Much preferring his own solitude he was taken by god to another realm to exist alone doing what he liked.

God had no place for a selfish angel in his master plan. Alec’s arrogance showed he didn’t care at all.

He could conjure his own entertainment. He would drink, play and write music and every so often create a window to Lucifer’s cage to tease him once he had learned Michael had imprisoned him.

As an Angel Alec does have a weapon of choice. He uses a straight sword that he himself infused with pure cold. When swung is sword leaves a frozen trail of snowflakes in its wake and will freeze any kind of metal it comes into contact with. Perfect for Lucifer’s cage on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

He hates being ignored and fears weakness. His selfishness and fear has caused him to train endlessly to never feel the bitter taste of defeat and loss.

Can his way of thinking be changed? Time will tell but I think under the right circumstances he could change.


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