Character- Teague the Spearmaiden


Name: Teague

Age: 25

Birthplace: Village of Onka, the Glades

Marital Status: single

Children and their ages: no children

General Appearance (whatever seems useful):

Bright blue eyes, auburn hair that flows down to her shoulders. Her hair is braided on the side. Slim figure but athletic. Teague wears her Guardian armour over a plain brown tunic and has a thick bottle green cloak with hood for warmth. She wears high black ranger boots, no heel.

Living arrangements (i.e. Lives with wife and three young children; rents a ramshackle apartment alone; has tent in nomadic tribe with three concubines): She lives with her only family member, her Grandpa Kane. Teague’s mum died tragically in childbirth and her fathers whereabouts is unknown. Teague and her grandpa own a small house at the back of the village with views of the fishing lakes.

Occupation, including name of employer (if applicable):

Teague is enlisted in the Onka village Guard under Captain Raines. She is a spear maiden.

Degree of skill at occupation (beginner, really competent, experienced but a bumbler, etc):

Teague is an experienced spear maiden. Starting at an early age her Grandpa taught her the art of the spear dance and she has excelled at it, endlessly practising. No one in the guard can beat her during spar sessions.


Summary of past trauma:

Not having any memories of her mother has been hard for Teague. She has stories of her from her Grandpa but a real memory of her own would be much better. Not knowing her father too has been hard as she had so many questions to ask him.

Teague has been infatuated with travel, adventure and exploration ever since she was young. She wants to see both the known world and the uncharted world. She sees the Guardians of doing this and has focused her training to be the best she can be in order to hopefully join them one day for they are the elite in the capital.

Even though she does want to leave her village to travel, she worries about her Grandpa being all alone.


The art of the spear, adventure, star constellations.


Teague is confident, though perhaps a little too much. She has a tendency to tease people she is unsure of. She is extremely proud of her skill with a spear and not afraid to challenge newcomers to sparring for practice. She has a tendency to act on impulse. Having grown up in  a rural village she values a team effort to put food on the table.  it is because of that she has a slight dislike for spoilt rich people who have seemingly had everything handed on a plate for them.

What part of the world does this person come from?

She comes from the small village of Onka that is situated in the Glades. The Glades is a peaceful territory to the west of the Capital city Voitek.

Did this person grow up rich or poor?

Teague grew up in a lower class household. Kane, her Grandpa is a master in the way of the spear and in his younger days taught recruits in the guard in both Onka and the surrounding villages how to fight. This provided a fair wage to bring Teague up as a sole parent figure. The village of Onka as a whole helped one another out if say a farmer needed extra hands in the fields for harvest or the stable master needed a hand raising the next fastest stallion.

Does this person have any bias opinions of other groups or types of people? Teague dislikes people who tease her for being a woman. She sees this as offensive but also a chance to show off and best them. She dislikes false people and people who look down on others.

Is this person someone who can change?

She can change and throughout the story her perspective on certain events. These will be both past and present. The results will change her views and the way she sees people and herself.


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