Character – Renhiem, The Fallen King


Name: Renhiem – The Fallen King

Race: Ruhn

Age: 5261 years old

Birthplace: Voitek, the capital

Marital Status: Single

Children and their ages: No children

General Appearance (whatever seems useful):

When Renhiem was last seen he had eyes of sheer black void. No light in them at all. He once had blue eyes but that is a distant memory. His white blond hair now receding from his use of dark magic rather than his age. He stands at seven feet tall exactly which is small for a male Ruhn. They are normally taller. Renhiem has been clothed in his black wizards robes that match his eyes along with his thick fur cape. Over the top of his robes are silver chest and wrist armour pieces. He is a stocky individual but not overweight with broad, thick shoulders.. The Ruhn typically have broad shoulders to go with their immense strength.

His neutral expression is a naturally amused blank canvas. For those who are able to read a poker face, they will see Renhiem’s cold gaze that has caused so much torment to the land.

Living arrangements (i.e. Lives with wife and three young children; rents a ramshackle apartment alone; has tent in nomadic tribe with three concubines):

Renhiem once lived in the palace in the capital city of Voitek with his older brother Rheardon and his father the old King Raemick. These days he is confined to a sealed eight foot long by five foot wide concrete coffin. He is encased in chains and cursed to live forever writhing in flames encased within him. The coffin itself is hidden deep within a mountain, snowed under for ten of the fifteen moons in a year.

Occupation, including name of employer (if applicable):

Necromancer, Wizard, Prince, Fallen King and most recently coffin dweller. He answers to no one.

Degree of skill at occupation (beginner, really competent, experienced but a bumbler, etc):

A highly accomplished Wizard before his intentions were discovered and the title of Necromancer came forward. Renhiem is able to muster enough power from the void to mould the darkness into the size of a large army filled with beasts, fallen soldiers and creatures of his own design.


Renhiem was not always evil, as a boy he had everything he could have wanted. He was a Prince to a powerful Kingdom ruled by his father Raemick, he was an accomplished wizard and he had a bright future.

When his father was dying, he refused to accept it and in his desperation turned his brilliant mind to the darker things that are best left alone.

He discovered some necromancy tomes. He became consumed by them and eventually he discovered one that would grant a target immortality but would change the caster indefinitely.

Renhiem carried out the rituals that included sacrifices, brutal killings and communicating with that in the void beyond to which he learned wield. He allowed the ritual to consume him warping his mind into something dark, sinister and unrecognisable. He arrived at his father’s chambers one evening to complete the ritual, only to find his brother Rheardon waiting for him.

The brothers argued, Rheardon had discovered the tomes in his brothers study. Rheardon got hit by the spell in the chaos not realising what had happenned.

Renhiem disappeared cursing his brother. On the day of Old King Raemick’s abdication of the throne and Rheardons appointment as King. Renhiem appeared before the capital and cast his brother into the void using his new mastered power of the tomes. He took the crown and claimed the title of King as his own.

When Renhiem’s father Raemick saw what his son had become. He used his own knowledge and set in motion a ritual of his own. He first cast the newly self appointed King into a tomb, wrapped in iron chains inside a sealed concrete coffin. Raemick then throwing his bloodline and legacy to the wind in grief and fury, cast a ritual on Renhiem to make him immortal but forever burning from the inside out. Raemick turned to stone and crumbled away as a sacrifice for the ritual. The tomb was sealed and forgotten while the tomes vanished.

The only visitors to the tombs entrance to check the seals are members of the Guardians elite. They come when the snow thaws every ten years. They swear even way above the tombs depths they can still hear Renhiem screaming cold fury. 

Addictions: Necromancy, magic, his fathers life. Being powerful. Books.


Past Renhiem: Hungry for knowledge, happy, able to see the glass as half full. Loves his family dearly. Too curious for his own good and overly emotional during stressful times.

Future Renhiem: Cold, devoid of any feeling towards another living soul. He still has some form of feeling towards his long dead father. Vengeful, seeking only destruction for his imprisonment and his failed ritual on his father. Rheardon is in his mind a lot like a plaque but non can say if he dwells on his brother with good or malicious intent.

What part of the world does this person come from?

Voitek the capital city

Did this person grow up rich or poor?

He was second in line to the throne in a long run of Ruhn Kings.

Does this person have any bias opinions of other groups or types of people?

He favours the darkness and despises the living for his incarceration.

Is this person someone who can change?

No his mind is now too far gone to be brought back. He is now a shell of hatred, cold and destruction.

Pray he stays in his tomb…


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