Alec’s Prayer

The realm of heaven was empty, not a soul could be seen. God had fled, the Archangels were being held in Hell all save one. Alec walked through heaven taking in the now broken sanctuary the mortals prayed they would one day reside.

His motive was simple, vengeance for his brethren and justice for their father.

He sees a tapestry of the Lord’s prayer on the wall in heaven. He smiles then recites it with  a few changes.

Our Father, who is not in Heaven,

Alec is thy name.

My Kingdoms done.

I will walk alone on Earth,

as I have here in Heaven.

Give me this day my sweet revenge.

And forgive me my blasphemy,

For I’ll punish those you were to weak to.

I won’t be your heaven’s redemption,

But I will slaughter true evil.

For this is my legacy,

I gained power, not seeking glory.

I’m coming Lucifer


He leaves the plain of heaven behind him and charges to Earth to destroy the demon scourge and their King.   Lucifer himself.


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