Exercise 2 – Book update- Emperor of the Eight Islands

I have started reading the Emperor of the Eight Islands this evening by Lian Hearn. I have read her other works such as all the Tales of the Otori books.

The Emperor of the Eight Islands follows a few characters but thus far I have met only Kazumaru. In the first chapter I feel sorry for the guy. Everything seemed good, his family were wealthy and had land bu then his father is found dead for playing go with  a Tengu (a mountain goblin of sorts). His mother then abandons him through grief to become a nun and leaves poor Kazumaru with his Uncle.

His Uncle treats him unfairly and now at the age of sixteen, Kazumaru has nearly became a man but fears his Uncle will kill him before he comes of age so he does not have to relinquish power of the lands they own.

Hearn’s writing has always impressed me through her descriptive paragraphs that set the scene nicely and ease you into the characters shoes. Its never overwhelming either with a lot going on.

I also love the setting for her books as its loosely based on one of my favourite cultures. Medieval Japan with a fantasy twist.

Something I remember thinking I might find before I read her previous work. Her books always tend to have a multitude of characters. Some a lot more important than others. However I have never once felt like my brain has been fried by the ammount of characters at play. The author always introduces them with care and their objective is always wound into the story without force.

Am really looking forward to reading on to see what happens to Kazumaru.


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