A Tale of Legend

It was the end of another long week in the heat of summer time in the glades and in the small village of Onka, the elder was about to recall a tale to the young who flocked around him as always.
Elder Kane looked around at the young faces staring back at him. He loved there eagerness in hearing the tales he would tell them and that eagerness fuelled him in his old age. Once all were settled he took a deep breath and began…
The Tsuki clan today have become legend to most folk, however there are some in the world that know better and even remember.
In the days of old the Tsuki clan were powerful druids that called upon the form of various animals including wolves, gigantic eagles and even powerful dragons to name a few. There were others but these were the most common.
That alone showed great power to the rest of the world, but no their people were also skilled warriors and wizards that could turn the tide of any battle.
Many folk from far and between revered them but also feared and grew jealous of them. 
Scared and jealous, the grand council called the nine kings from their Kingdoms to weigh in on the fate of the Tsuki clan. The Tsuki clans king Rheardon had come alone and sat at the table listening to the woes of his fellow Kings and councilmen assuring them that they would not be turning their backs on the alliance but insisted that they would stay true to keeping peace within the world.
After much deliberation a decision was made and the alliance turned its back on them, all of the Tsuki clan were marked as a threat to peace and ordered the alliance to hunt and destroy each of them for the sake of the world.
Rheardon roared in fury at the council and its kings and with that transformed into the form of a mighty dragon engulfing the building in flames. 
The kings, councilmen and a garrison of warriors and wizards attacked the dragon with everything they had. Rheardon suffered blows from spells, swords, axes but it wasn’t enough. Seeing an opening he made for an escape to warn his people of the betrayal but the remaining kings joined forces and used old magic to launch an attack at the Tsuki King that caused him to come crashing down sealing Rheardon’s fate. In his final breaths Rheardon transformed back into a man and cursed the rest of the alliance for being fools for he knew there were other things at play beyond the corners of the world where the kings did not dare venture. 
After Rheardon’s death a full scale attack was launched on the Tsuki clans homeland Mungaden where men women and children were slaughtered. Many casualties were had on both sides and in the end the alliance were the ones that were victorious. Some Tsuki clan escaped from the invasion but were from then on always looking over their shoulders for they were now and always would be marked for death.
The kings returned to their parts of the world each feeling slightly different over the ordeal but one thing remained the same. What had the Tsuki clan king seen beyond the kingdoms of the alliance? 
2000 years have passed since the invasion of Mungaden. Only two of the eight kings that saw King Rheardon fall are alive today and have now gained a seat on the grand council advising their predecessors as they see fit. 
Mungadon is now overgrown and abandoned. They say even today a few of the Tsuki clan still live but no one even to this day knows the secret to the Tsuki clans power.

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