Character – Quint

Quint is a 24 year old male living in the capital, Voitek. He has short dark hair and blue eyes. He is small for his age but his intellect makes up for this. He has a faint beard and is very slim.

He comes from a royal bloodline but no direct claim to the throne. His father is lord to the lands east of Voitek and has three sons with Quint being the youngest.

Quint always struggled with family life, his shyness always left him feeling awkward and alone. He would never be heir to the estate as his brothers took priority over him. He felt his father never knew what to do with him, like he was a spare that wasn’t really needed.

His brothers teased him constantly for not liking typical boys things. Quint would rather read a book than spar with wooden swords for instance. They would always refer to him as scrawny while they were of a stockier build.

Quint’s mother however loved him dearly and encouraged him to find something that would cement his name in the family history other than being an heir.

Quint had always shown a profound addiction for magic. Ever since he was a boy, when his grandfather on his mother’s side used to show off small spells to impress the children.

Later in his teens, through his own studies and perseverance. Quint became an acknowledged Wizard! Unfortunately his Grandfather passed before he was appointed the title. Quint misses him dearly and still wears his old pendant to remind him where his love for magic began.

His father however did not approve of this magic wielding and through his power, enlisted Quint to the Guardians. The Guardians are the elite that protect the capital from harm as well as keeping balance in the realm. They also delve into the unknown by scouting uncharted lands outside the realms borders.

Its been two months since Quint was enlisted. He has grown accustomed to life there. To his relief, they not only accept magic users but they encourage them to hone and perfect their power. They still requested him to learn the ways of the Sword though which he begrudgingly practices.

Quint is not angry at his father for enlisting him. In a way he has come to understand that here he will be revered for his knowledge and he will get to to see and experience many adventures much like in the books he read as a child.

The other magic users in the Guardians look up to Quint although he doesn’t know how to take the attention.

His attire in the Guardians is a black trench coat on top of light leather armour. This gives him an almost Gothic look except he would rather burn the vampire than take fashion tips. Although not to his taste Quint unwillingly wears the clothing to avoid dispute with the officers.

His first solo assignment ended today much to Quints annoyance. He had to accompany the Head Captain to a few villages in the Glades and successfully guide new recruits back to the capital for training and initiation while the Captains party continues.

One of the new recruits named Teague interests him. Quints never been with a woman before and he has no idea how to approach Teague now the assignment is over. A wave of new feeling emerged on the way back from the Glades and he is yet to wrap his around it.


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